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Your AI Analyst

FlowThought allows you to amplify yourself by using artificial intelligence to automate the tedious, deep analysis you have to do in your work.

Your rules, your expertise, just automated with AI.

Analysis Is Hard

Millions of workers are employed doing jobs that require applying deep analytical thinking. These jobs pay extremely well because of the difficult nature of the work. These professions include:

  • Financial Analysts

  • Patent & Grant Application Reviewers

  • Management Consultants

  • Judges

  • Due Diligence Professionals

  • Auditors

  • Investors

  • Forensic Accountants

DALL·E 2023-12-13 13.10.47 - A professional woman, appearing depressed and unhappy, review

Mistakes are Costly

The deep analytical thinking that underpins these professionals work is prone to error. Those errors have enormous costs, both for the the participants and for society as a whole.​

DALL·E 2023-12-13 13.23.09 - An image depicting a morgue scene. In the foreground, a drug
  • Life saving drugs don't make it to market

  • Life threatening drugs do make it to market

  • Great investment opportunities are missed

  • Innocent lives are put into jail

  • Deals aren't done

  • Businesses make costly strategic mistakes

  • Fraud isn't discovered

Existing AI Tools Don't Work

There are no tools on the market today that can meet the needs of these demanding professionals. Existing tools mostly try to replace the professional entirely with a black-box AI process that can't be changed or modified. These tools suffer from any of the following problems. They...

  • Lack flexibility to adapt to the bespoke requirements of different customers

  • Require huge datasets for training

  • Can't be easily explained or audited

  • Suffer from huge installation and customisation fees

  • Demand huge budgets & investments to get returns

  • Are only applicable to high-volume processes

DALL·E 2023-12-13 13.32.47 - A professional in an office setting, sitting at a desk, showi
DALL·E 2023-12-13 15.12.57 - A repeating textured background for a website, with a bright,

Enter FlowThought

A revolutionary approach to using artificial intelligence to automate deep analytical thinking.

FlowThought is a spreadsheet for calculating knowledge.

Building blocks for analysis

FlowThought gives you the pre-made building blocks to perform structured analysis. Take advantage of built-in modules such as:

  • Pros & Cons

  • Checklist

  • Risks Analysis

  • Categorize Item

  • Costs & Benefits

  • Many More!

  • Scorecard

  • Time Estimate

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Task List

  • Rank & Sort

A flow chart with one step hilighted, showing a Pros & Cons list about a strategic partnership change.
An chart for analyzing business plans. The focus is on a module that determines the industry.

More than just ChatGPT Prompts

FlowThought uses cutting edge techniques based on the latest AI engineering research to get the most of your AI models. FlowThought can tell you how confident it is, give you multiple alternatives to a solution, and automatically eliminate hallucinations and spurious results using retrospective prompting. FlowThought bridges the gap between domain-specific products and general purpose analysis. 

Fully auditable, easily explainable

Unlike black-box AI products, FlowThought uses the processes you define, and applies the criteria you decide, all in an easy to view interface that puts you in the drivers seat. Each step in your analysis flow chart is fully transparent & traceable, so you can audit your AI and see exactly how it came to its decisions. When adjustments need to be made, they are only a click away!

A complex chart which performs a risks analysis on software project plans.
A view of the bulk upload screen on FlowThought, showing a ton of projects being processed all at once.

Scale your personal productivity

FlowThought is centered around you - the working professional. Our AI isn't here to tell you how to do your job. With FlowThought, you have the power to apply your professional expertise in designing the analysis you want performed. You can then amplify your productivity by automatically applying that same analysis in bulk to dozens, hundreds or even thousands of input documents.

Review complex documents such as grant applications or business plans

Customise the analysis based on your needs! Apply your professional expertise

Analyze situations with the detail of a 10 million dollar management consulting project

Standardize complex decision making to provide consistent and fair judgements.

Bureaucracy doesn't have to be a dirty word!

For too long, the word "process" has been synonymous with "slow". We file for a grant, and we expect to hear back next year. We go to the DMV, and we might get to the front of the line next week. But it is just these bureaucratic processes that are supposed to enable our society to be more just & fair. With FlowThought, we get the best of both worlds - we can have our process, and it can be fast & fair too!

An image of a government bureaucrat in an office setting

Our Offerings


Have our AI professionals create and maintain analysis charts and integrations for you

By working with our team, we will help you to automate any complex, knowledge heavy analysis process that you have at your organisation. We will interview you for your professional knowledge and understand the process and analysis you want performed, and we then encode that into one or more AI analysis charts that remain your proprietary IP. 


Try out using the FlowThought alpha yourself

The self-serve product is still at an alpha stage of development and is not ready for use without a lot of hand-holding. Never-the-less, you can try out the alpha yourself and play around with it!


Support the development!

Help us to make eliminate bureaucratic waste with next generation AI technology! You can support the development in any number of ways. For example, you can help us to understand better what your specific needs are, and what would be required to help making FlowThought successful at the types of processes you engage with. You can also refer us to a friend!


Toronto, Ontario


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